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Analyzing the 2021 Faces of Fraud Survey

Tom Field, SVP of Editorial at ISMG, interviews Appgate's Bryan Jardine on Enabling Digital Trust in a Connected Fraud Landscape. On one hand, 60% of survey respondents rate their institutions as "above average" or "superior" when it comes to mitigating fraud. Yet, 55% say their customers and partners lack sufficient awareness to protect themselves from fraud. Appgate's Bryan Jardine analyzes the Faces of Fraud survey results. Further, 50% say fraudsters have too much valid customer information at their fingertips that they too easily get around our controls to prevent account takeover and origination. In this exclusive video interview with Information Security Media Group, Jardine discusses: – The evolution of fraud trends; – Impact of COVID-19 on fraud schemes; – How organizations can balance fraud controls with preserving the customer experience.