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ZTNA + ZTS: Appgate and Illumio Deliver End-to-End Zero Trust

Organizations are rapidly adopting a Zero Trust security mindset to combat growing cyberthreats and support scattered workforces and interconnected workloads everywhere. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) are essential pillars of any Zero Trust architecture. Together, they ensure attack surfaces are reduced, breaches are contained, and users can securely and more productively access critical applications. Appgate and Illumio have partnered to deliver the industry’s first integrated ZTNA + ZTS solution, so organizations can support work from anywhere with confidence that least privilege access is maintained from the user to wherever the application is hosted. In this webinar John Skinner, VP of Business Development at Illumio, is joined by Appgate’s Tony Zirnoon, Head of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships and Justin Yentile, Director of Sales Engineering, to discuss:

• The security challenges of enabling access from anywhere

• How a Zero Trust architecture addresses these problems

• Why ZTNA and ZTS are foundational to this approach

• Demonstrate the industry’s first integrated ZTNA + ZTS solution