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Zero Trust for the Hybrid Enterprise

Today's enterprise users demand access from anywhere, on any device, to any resource. This anywhere, anytime model strains legacy security solutions already failing to keep pace with the proliferation of multi-cloud, DevOps and microservices. Legacy network security is inherently insecure, overly complex, outdated tech that stifles enterprise transformation and hinders productivity.

Secure access is foundational to any Zero Trust initiative to solve these problems. With unified, identity-centric policies you can remove complexity and reduce your attack surface by enforcing the principle of least privilege and segmenting services across the cloud. Learn how to empower users with simple, fast, secure connections from anywhere to multi-cloud, containerized, on-prem or legacy workloads by watching this short on-demand webinar from SC Media's eSummit: Protect assets within and beyond your corporate network.

Host: Bill Brenner, CyberRisk Alliance

Speakers:Jawahar Sivasankaran - President and COO, Appgate Jason Garbis, Chief Product Officer, Appgate

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