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Nemertes Real Economic Value Report on Appgate SDP 2021

What are the operational benefits of Appgate SDP, a universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution as reported by Nemertes? Faster digital transformation, less IT admin time and more. Read now.

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Nemertes, a global research firm, interviewed Appgate SDP enterprise customers to quantify the strategic operational benefits of this leading Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. The 2021 report reveals key benefits including:

  • Accelerated digital transformation initiatives by an average of 119%
  • Minimized time to provision users and number of staff to support provisioning; less trouble tickets and security incidents; shorter login times; and easier handling of many concurrent users
  • Appgate SDP was rated a 9.5 of of 10 as being "most strategic to Zero Trust"
  • Appgate SDP viewed as a critical enabler for a dramatic increase (1148%) in number of employees working from home

Get more insights on how Zero Trust access makes security better, easier, faster and simpler; how it is being deployed across multiple use cases to secure complex enterprise environments; and how it drives real network transformation and cost savings by reading the 2023 Nemertes report.