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How to Deploy the Appgate SDP Zero Trust Architecture

Requirements for secure access vary because no two organizations are alike. Appgate SDP is capable of being production ready in a matter of days and offers flexible options for designing and configuring your Zero Trust architecture.

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Reap the benefits of standalone Appgate SDP, but rely on us for maintaining your Zero Trust architecture by sourcing, imaging and configuring Controllers and Gateways.

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Four Steps to Deploy your Zero Trust Architecture

1. Deploy Anywhere

The Appgate SDP architecture is infrastructure agnostic and can be deployed anywhere resources need secure access. Appgate SDP as-a-service is also available should you want Appgate to deploy, monitor and maintain your SDP infrastructure.

Deploy SDP In all Environments:

  • Multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GPC)
  • Containerized environments
  • On-premises or virtualized
  • Legacy networks and infrastructure
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2. Create Policies

Complexity is the enemy of security. The ability to control any user’s access, from any location and to any enterprise resource in a unified policy engine simplifies configuration and management.

Centralized Policy Management for:

  • Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile
  • Servers, apps, VDI, containers, workloads and IoT
  • Public and private cloud, SaaS, on-premises and colocated
  • Employees, vendors, partners and third-party
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3. Onboard Users

Easy onboarding and seamless user experience are key to user adoption and reducing help desk requests. Select from client- or browser-based access options for complete user population coverage.

Onboarding Options:

  • Full client, lite client, browser-based, connector and userless (service lnly)
  • Self-service website (auto-generated)
  • Email with QR code
  • Enterprise device management (e.g., SCCM, Jamf, MDM)
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4. Automate Access

Weave Appgate SDP into the fabric of your business and IT operations with bi-directional APIs that automate access. Extensive scripting capabilities give you the freedom to deploy security-as-code and mature DevOp practices.

Common Integrations:

  • Identity management systems (IdP/IAM/IGA)
  • Directory services (LDAP)
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) providers
  • IT system management and operation support systems (ITSM/OSS)
  • Business support systems (BSS)
  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
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