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AppGate Defensive Services offers a portfolio of strategic threat analytics capabilities designed to help enterprises, service providers and public-sector organizations better predict, detect and prevent cyberattacks.

AppGate Defensive Services includes a range of threat analytics, consulting and response services, leveraging our suite of advanced network and communication analytics solutions in addition to best-in-class tools from across the industry. In a time when the threat of a cyberattack has never been higher, AppGate can help you build cyber-resilience across your IT footprint.

Proven experience on the cyber front lines

The AppGate Defensive Services team has deep experience securing large-scale mission-critical infrastructure for commercial and government organizations, and has developed and deployed proven and scalable instrumentation and telemetry gathering systems to facilitate adversary hunting across distributed, hybrid environments. Team leaders have frequently been called upon to respond to some of today’s highest profile intrusions and data breach incidents.

Defensive Capabilities

Data Driven Services

Data-Driven Services

Applied Intelligence Service

The AppGate Applied Intelligence Service (AIS) combines the latest threat intelligence sources and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities to automatically detect potentially malicious activities happening inside your network. AIS provides lightweight visibility to customers looking to enhance their security posture.


AppGates Hunting-as-a-Service offerings provide customers a variety of threat analytics capabilities. Merging collected and customer-provided data sources AppGate delivers analytics to help provide insights into threats and adversary tactics, user activities and behavior, and network security posture.

The AppGate Defensive Services team leverages a combination of industry standard threat intelligence, and proprietary tools and techniques to identify potentially malicious behavior. Deep analytics to proactively search for and defeat intrusions and other malicious activities in customer networks – stopping adversaries before damage can occur.

By matching appropriate Hunting-as-a-Service data sources and methodologies to a customer’s specific needs, AppGate augments a customer’s existing security posture to defeat advanced threats.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Advanced Incident Response

Utilizing proprietary technologies and drawing on field experience with some of the largest cyber security incidents in recent history, AppGate provides rapid and scalable incident response services to deal with significant incidents and data breaches.

Advanced threats often require specialized techniques, tools, or expertise which AppGate can provide to enhance existing incident response capabilities. AppGate Advanced Incident Response is designed to provide advanced analytics support and trusted advisory to security teams dealing with on-going incidents.

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