The workplace is evolving as centralized offices are being replaced by remote workers located everywhere. Confidently adapt to this change by applying the principles of Zero Trust to your remote and branch network access strategy.

Effortlessly Secure User Access, Anywhere

Network perimeters are not fixed or easily identifiable anymore and antiquated VPN technology doesn’t fit the needs of remote or branch network access. It increases the attack surface, frustrates users and negatively impacts business continuity.

A Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) is a better way to secure access for modern networks. It’s built for hybrid IT and dramatically reduces the risk of network exposure. Appgate SDP is a leading Zero Trust solution for network access that puts an end to overprivileged access, without impacting business operations.

Software-Defined Perimeter for Remote Network Access

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  • Secure and consistent access across hybrid infrastructure
  • Unauthorized resources are completely invisible
  • Scale to meet unexpected increase in remote users
  • Identity- and context-sensitive access
  • Eliminate lateral movement
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