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Colby DyessSeptember 8, 2022

Attaining Zero Trust Maturity Through the Power of a Robust Technology Alliance Partner Ecosystem

A security program built on Zero Trust principles cannot be achieved with any single product, vendor or platform. Our Technology Alliance Partnership program enables customers to reach Zero Trust maturity goals with ease and speed by integrating Appgate SDP, our industry-leading Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, with other leading solutions through robust APIs, easy-access documentation and dedicated support.

Rapid changes in socio-political climates, hybrid compute environments, IT and OT convergence, insider threats and advanced cyberattacks, combined with hybrid workforces, are driving a shift from a traditional “trust but verify” security model to the Zero Trust security model of “never trust, always verify.”

Zero Trust requires all users, endpoint and IoT devices, and workloads—inside or outside your network—to be authenticated, authorized and continuously validated for security configuration and risk posture before being granted access to applications and data. It’s equally important to monitor user and entity behaviors throughout these trusted sessions to detect any deviation from expected and sanctioned behaviors and dynamically modify access and enforce entitlement policies accordingly.

Appgate’s Zero Trust alliance ecosystem

Our expanding technology alliance ecosystem is a testament to Appgate’s commitment to invest, build and democratize purposeful integrations that lead to essential automation, and optimized operations and user experiences. These integrations with prominent cybersecurity and technology providers have been carefully designed and validated to reduce risk and accelerate Zero Trust security adoption for organizations following NIST 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture guidance.

We will continue to selectively expand our Technology Alliance Partnership network driven by customer and partner demand and feedback. The goal is to build meaningful and validated integrations with select visionary vendors in relevant categories to help customers build their Zero Trust maturity model roadmap by addressing key pillars including identities, devices, networks and environments, applications and workloads, data, and support visibility and analytics, automation and orchestration and governance needs. These integrations will in turn further enhance Appgate SDP’s contextual, intelligence-aware and dynamic ZTNA features.

technology partner

Featured technology alliance partners

Below you can learn more about our technology alliance integrations and joint value propositions with featured partners as we continue to invest in and build up our ecosystem.


In early 2022, we entered into a partnership with CrowdStrike that integrates Appgate SDP with CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) to help organizations achieve intelligence-aware and dynamic secure access policy enforcement to reduce their attack surface and mitigate lateral movement. This flexible, scalable integration between Appgate SDP and Falcon ZTA provides organizations with a frictionless path to accelerate their Zero Trust journey.

Appgate SDP ingests intelligence from CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA to assess user, device, and workload security risk postures not only at the time of authentication but also throughout each interaction. This dynamic functionality makes it possible to leverage device health or behavioral changes provided by the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to buildpolicy controls that restrict or deny access, preventing lateral movement in an organization’s network. Read the Appgate and CrowdStrike solution brief.


The combination of ZTNA from Appgate and Illumio leading micro-segmentation solution enables customers to achieve a full-compass dynamic Zero Trust segmentation and speed their Zero Trust journey. Illumio Core and Appgate SDP are the best-of-breed solutions respectively for east-west Zero Trust segmentation and north-south ZTNA. When co-deployed together, they immediately improve any organization's Zero Trust posture.

  • East-west traffic access controls: Shrink the attack surface for data center networks. Create segmentation barriers to eliminate excess workload-to-workload interconnectivity.
  • North-south traffic access controls: Shrink the attack surface for perimeter networks. Create user-to-workload access controls that are cloaked, fine-grained and dynamic.
  • Dynamic workload awareness: By integrating Illumio Core with Appgate SDP, all user-to-workload entitlement policies will dynamically adapt to changes in the workload context.

Learn more about the Appgate and Illumio partnership.

Menlo Security

The fusion of Appgate SDP and Menlo Security offers a complementary high-security Zero Trust platform that enables dynamic and secure access with confidence for all internet traffic, SaaS applications and private resources on any hybrid infrastructure, on-prem and public and private clouds.

  • Protecting all internet, SaaS and private resource access with two industry-leading Zero Trust solutions and one seamless integration is a force multiplier against today’s sophisticated cyberattacks.
  • Users can safely and securely browse the internet, access SaaS apps and private enterprise resources with a single unified experience.
  • For managed devices and BYOD, security is ensured with built-in PAC file enforcement to ensure DNS routing with tamper-proof security controls.

Read the Appgate and Menlo solution brief.


By integrating ServiceNow Business Intelligence and ITSM workflows with Appgate SDP’s entitlement engine our customers can intelligently and dynamically enforce ZTNA policies as business needs arise requiring secure access.

For instance, an IT or DevOps admin can be directed to a custom portal on ServiceNow to open an access request ticket which follows a predefined approval process. Appgate SDP periodically checks for any open ITSM request with approved status, and extracts the necessary user, device, destination information, time window for allowed access, along with other attributes needed and dynamically creates an exact just-in-time entitlement policy for access. The user is then able to establish Zero Trust access to the requested resource. When the ticket is resolved, access is automatically removed.

Appgate’s ZTNA integration with ServiceNow ITSM also helps mitigate any contributory and inherent risk from admins/system owners’ machines connecting to enterprise, cloud, OT infrastructure. Learn more about Appgate and ServiceNow.


AWS customers are often challenged with securely connecting their users across multiple AWS accounts while providing a seamless user experience.

Organizations that utilize the security foundations provided by AWS can augment the network security of those environments with Appgate SDP that leverages AWS native capabilities like auto scaling to offer enterprise grade scale. Appgate SDP also ensures that only authorized users connect to AWS and hybrid architectures via multiple encrypted tunnels. And fine-grained controls adjust access automatically based on changes in user context while hiding all resources that the user is not authorized to see. Appgate SDP auto-resolvers interrogate the AWS environment so that new EC2 and other instances are automatically traced and added or removed from the access filter to reduce the attack surface and significantly improve security across AWS and hybrid architectures.

In addition, Appgate SDP allows AWS customers to avoid user friction when connecting across multiple accounts while effectively and efficiently addressing pressing business and technical challenges. Get the Appgate and AWS datasheet or find Appgate SDP in the AWS Marketplace.

Got questions? Our Zero Trust security experts are here to assist.

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