Appgate SDP

Appgate SDP Overview

Learn how Appgate SDP reduces risk and complexity, and why it's the industry's most comprehensive Zero Trust network access solution.

How Appgate SDP Works

Find out about the inner-workings of the most flexible and adaptable Zero Trust Network Access solution available today.

Zero Trust Platform
Integrations and Tech Partners
Appgate SDP for Developers
Use Cases for Securing:
Risk-Based Authentication
Learn how Risk-Based Authentication provides a frictionless, intelligent and data-informed approach to user authentication.
Strong Authentication
Find out how you can provide secure, frictionless access with the right multi-factor authentication method.
Transaction Monitoring
Explore the tools you can use to intelligently identify and prevent online fraud.
Behavioral Biometrics Service
Learn how behavioral analysis and machine learning stop fraudulent online web activity in real-time.
Secure Consumer Access for:
Digital Threat Protection
Discover how you can gain unparalleled threat visibility and the risk management tools that enable early identification and elimination of potential attacks.
Key Features
Take a deep dive into the features and tools contained within our industry-leading Digital Threat Protection (DTP) solution.
Offense Security 2x

Threat Advisory Services

The Appgate Threat Advisory Services team, previously known as Immunity, helps organizations discover weaknesses in their defense before adversaries do. This is not your average "check the box" Penetration Testing. Our specialized consultants rely on deep knowledge of evasion techniques and proprietary tools to simulate adversaries and identify vulnerabilities so you can proactively harden your security posture.

Finding Vulnerabilities Before Your Adversaries

  • Global leaders in offense orientated methods, systems and vulnerability research
  • Aggressive, 100% real-world approach to offense
  • No templates or canned tests; designed to truly test your environment
  • Going beyond just risk scores and theoretical attacks
  • The most sophisticated proprietary tools and subject matter expertise to emulate nation state level and other sophisticated attacks

Contact the Threat Advisory Team

Ready to find where you’re most vulnerable? Our team is here to help.