Empower your operators to do their best work

The Zero Trust platform and built-in risk engine delivers flexibility and interoperability to more easily deploy and maintain a cohesive Zero Trust security ecosystem.

  • Fast track Appgate SDP delivery

    With a single button click, deploy the industry-leading ZTNA solution in minutes

  • Drive smarter policy decisions

    Use risk engine telemetry to dynamically define risk-based rules for more granular policies

  • Maximize your security investments

    Break down silos between your security, IT and business systems by building an interoperable Zero Trust ecosystem

  • Simplify day-to-day operations

    Offload the burden of management, monitoring and upgrades to enable operators with simplified Zero Trust access deployment

  • Accelerate Zero Trust maturity

    Rapidly build and maintain a dynamic Zero Trust security fabric to eliminate siloed architectures

Core Zero Trust platform Services

Enhance policies using risk telemetry

  • No code integrations with security, IT and business systems
  • OS version checker for additional risk-based policies
  • Build custom, templated risk rules
  • Dynamically adjust entitlements based on risk score changes
  • For as a service and self-hosted Appgate SDP deployments

Provision Appgate SDP in minutes

  • Benefits of as a service, but you control network traffic
  • Appgate monitors and maintains Appgate SDP appliances
  • Customer configures identities, policies and entitlements

Simplify Appgate SDP management

  • One-button click integrations with partner solutions
  • Keep Appgate SDP infrastructure up-to-date with health checks
  • Monitor the status of Appgate subscriptions and accounts
  • Access all Appgate SDP collectives from a central location

Build an Appgate SDP test lab environment

  • Test new Appgate SDP version releases
  • Prepare for a new use case before production rollout
  • Train new Appgate SDP admins
  • Establish and test new risk rules in a controlled environment

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Zero Trust Platform FAQ

What is the Zero Trust platform?

A cloud-native, cloud-delivered platform that delivers innovative new security services, powered by Appgate SDP and its partner ecosystem, to help enterprises easily deploy and maintain a cohesive security ecosystem and increase their Zero Trust maturity.

Why did Appgate build the Zero Trust platform?
  • To simplify how Appgate SDP customers can deploy and manage their Zero Trust access architecture
  • To help customers quickly and easily build a cohesive Zero Trust ecosystem based on the no code integrations
  • To rapidly deliver new innovative security services to customers
What are the deployment options?

There are two ways to take advantage of the Zero Trust platform services.

Hosted: As a service delivery and access to value-added Zero Trust platform services. The policy engine is hosted in the platform in the form of controllers. The as a service model reduces the burden and overhead for admins by offloading the monitoring, maintenance and upgrades to Appgate.

Connected: Customer-hosted model with access to value-added Zero Trust platform services. The customer has the option to host the controllers (or policy engine) themselves. In this model the customer simply connects their Appgate SDP deployment to the Zero Trust platform with a few simple clicks.

How is the Zero Trust platform different than Appgate SDP?

You cannot benefit from the Zero Trust platform without Appgate SDP, which is still the primary solution offered by Appgate for improving secure access. The platform can be used to host Appgate SDP for as a service delivery, but customers can also choose to self-host their Appgate SDP infrastructure and connect to the Zero Trust platform.

For connected and hosted Appgate SDP customers, the platform enhances and enriches Appgate SDP by enabling simple one-click integrations to third-party platforms to ingest risk telemetry. The platform includes a risk engine that is not be part of a standard SDP deployment. But Appgate SDP can take advantage of the risk engine by consuming risk scores created by the risk engine to inform policies.

Are the platform-hosted SDP environments dedicated to each customer?

Yes. All Zero Trust platform-hosted Appgate SDP appliances—the controllers or policy engine, for example—are dedicated to each customer.

Can existing self-hosted Appgate SDP customers take advantage of the Zero Trust platform?

Yes. Existing Appgate SDP customers can easily connect their deployment to the Zero Trust platform with a click of a few buttons to take advantage of new services offered in the platform. This does require the customer to be using version 6.1 of Appgate SDP and have an account created in the Zero Trust platform.

Is Appgate's Zero Trust platform just Appgate SDP as a service?

No. The Zero Trust platform is the as a service delivery mechanism for SDP which includes hosting Appgate SDP controllers, or policy engine, plus all additional services, including the risk engine.

What is the risk engine?

The Zero Trust platform risk engine enables creation of custom risk rules that generate a risk score that Appgate SDP can use to dynamically create, change, or restrict entitlements. It includes pre-built “no code” integration adapters for easy connections to third-party APIs to gather risk telemetry.

What is the Appgate SDP health checker?

A monitoring tool that helps ensure all Appgate SDP appliances are healthy, running properly and up to date with the latest version.

What is the OS checker?

An adapter built into the risk engine that enables customers to easily create risk scores based on how many versions a device's operating system (OS) is lagging behind the current version. The adapter automatically tracks the latest major/minor OS versions for Windows and macOS and updates the risk score, so you don’t have to. Appgate SDP adjusts entitlements dynamically to ensure device compliance when connecting to enterprise resources.

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