The benefits of Appgate’s Malware Analysis Service subscriptions

Confidential intelligence and practical insights to drive your security team’s efficiency and maximize business value


Gain actionable threat intelligence based on specialized analysis and expertise

Enrich security telemetry data and improve your incident response efforts

Infuse practical mitigation guidance into your security tools and architecture 


Optimize SecOps resource allocation to high-priority tasks and strategic initiatives 

Extend existing security investments and enhance their value to the business 

Maximize ROI by reducing in-house costs and the risk of financial loss due to malware 

How it works

Detect and remediate malicious files, hashes and URLs before they cause irreparable damage to your business

Case Study

Global Bank Advances Malware Defenses

A global private sector bank faced a constant stream of evolving malware threats, putting its ability to deliver high-quality financial solutions at risk. Discover how the bank hardened its security posture without disrupting user service by leveraging our Threat Advisory and Malware Analysis Services to hunt, analyze and mitigate malware-based threats.

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Support Your Security Operations Objectives and Use Cases

Rapid defense, proactive containment 

Quickly inject identified indicators of compromise (IOC) into security architectures to proactively stem threats and minimize the blast radius.  

Security operations 

Integrate the service into existing security operations workflows to enhance threat detection and response capabilities. 

Malware research  

Conduct in-depth analyses on new and unknown malware samples to understand behavior and potential impact. 

Threat hunting 

Proactively search for signs of compromise or emerging threats within enterprise networks or systems. 

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