Provide comprehensive protection
across the fraud lifecycle

AI-based engine adapts to user behavior and detects unusual activity in real time 


Search for fake websites and mobile apps, as well as other threats that target end users 

Automatically identify online impersonations and stop them 


Analyze end user activity to determine if it is being performed by genuine users 

Stop suspicious activities, instantly authenticate or block risky events

Feeling vulnerable? You’re not alone.

Financial services IT pros identify their top fraud concerns, as reported by ISMG 


say fraud schemes evolve too fast to keep up 


can’t identify fraud exploits in real time


say fraud controls don't talk to each other


can't see the impact of phishing attacks

A fraudster’s job: steal credentials, use credentials, cash out

360 Fraud Protection stops the cycle before it starts

What our 360 Fraud Protection customers say

“With Appgate we have always had support in our strategy for the risk of transactional fraud and cyber risks. They are not just a service provider, they are a key strategic ally to combat fraud, and prevent various types of risks that may affect the experience of our customers and the sustainability of the company.”

Paulo Andres Cadena Cabrera, Director of Security and Risk, Puntos Colombia

“Appgate is instrumental in protecting our business from fraud. The solution provides comprehensive identity verification and protection, without hindering the business or inconveniencing our end users.”

Susy Silva, Digital Banking Manager, BanBif

“Appgate's fraud protection solutions have been instrumental to raise our cybersecurity defenses at Banco Galicia. The perfect integration of Appgate technology has not only safeguarded our operations but has also contributed significantly to offering a secure and seamless banking experience for our customer base.”

Ezequiel Invernon, Cybersecurity Leader, Banco Galicia

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