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George WilkesSeptember 28, 2021

Breaking Down the 2021 Forrester ZTNA New Wave™

Q&A with Zero Trust expert Jason Garbis, co-author of Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide; co-chair of the Cloud Security Alliance Zero Trust Working Group; and Appgate’s Chief Product Officer.


The Zero Trust paradigm in general, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) specifically, are top of mind for many security leaders. Both are rare examples of cybersecurity innovations that live up to hype—strengthening security postures in modern, hybrid enterprises while enabling and adapting to transformative change.

ZTNA solutions simplify and strengthen access controls for every user, on any device and the more mature and innovative ZTNA products also reduce complexity, improve the user experience and streamline automation.

However, the market has attracted a long list of entrants with available products and solutions varying enormously. The Forrester New Wave: Zero Trust Network Access, Q3 2021 report, written by senior analyst David Holmes, establishes the ideal ZTNA solution functionality and provides a non-biased assessment of the 15 most significant vendors.

We are proud that the report not only names Appgate as a Leader, but also recognizes us as having the strongest current offering, based upon a differentiated rating in a number of criteria. To augment the report’s findings, I asked Jason Garbis to dive more deeply into some of the criteria Forrester used in its analysis.

Watch the video of our conversation below to learn:

  • How Executive Order mandates, pandemic-induced working from home requirements and other factors are converging to power the ZTNA market’s explosive growth
  • Why deployment flexibility—and the added control that it provides—are essential to enabling real-world success in today’s enterprises
  • Why supporting non-web and legacy applications, plus a range of clients, remains crucial—even as cloud-based workloads receive the lion’s share of attention
  • The importance of connector capabilities, which deal with how a ZTNA solution routes traffic, isolates applications, enforces least privilege access and integrates into business process workflows
  • How integration unlocks value over the long term by building ZTNA into the very fabric of the IT security ecosystem

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