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Michael FriedrichOctober 1, 2021

Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month by Helping Shape U.S. Federal Government Zero Trust Strategies

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It's a time of the year when many security pros in general, and the U.S. federal government in particular, focus on “raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across our nation, ensuring that all Americans have the resources they need to be safer and more secure online,” according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Cyberattacks are increasingly prevalent, despite the federal government’s attempt to shift the paradigm. Why, you ask? In my opinion, it’s not due to a lack of direction or funding. What it really comes down to is an abundance of network security options, all “claiming” to protect your data, but there is an absence of knowledge as to what is needed to effectively achieve that goal.

Whether you’re working on an implementation strategy to meet the White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, striving for compliance with NIST SP800-207 ZTA guidelines, looking for ways to apply TIC 3.0 Remote Workforce recommendations, or align with the DoD’s Zero Trust Reference Architecture, the Appgate Federal Division team of Zero Trust experts is here to go to work for you.

Obtaining secure access to your network has never been easier with Appgate SDP, an industry-leading Zero Trust Network Access solution that has been recognized by analysts and leading organizations in public and private sectors alike. Appgate was named a Leader in Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) in the 2021 Forrester New Wave report. We were identified by the National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST) in its efforts under the NCCoE Zero Trust initiative as one of its leading technology collaborators supporting NIST SP 800-207. We were selected by the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) to participate in its Zero Trust Lab, a state-of-the-art physical and virtual test environment that will provide federal agencies with the opportunity to build, test, and evaluate new Zero Trust architectures in a simulated environment.

Last, but certainly not least, we announced a partnership with Rackspace Government Cloud that will give federal agencies the most flexible deployment models of any ZTNA technology in its class. Our federal clients and partners will be able to deploy Appgate SDP on premises, in a private cloud, in a government-approved cloud, as a managed service in a government-owned location or remotely from a FedRAMP-approved environment.

Need more proof? Appgate SDP enforces the principles of Zero Trust and empowers organizations to make significant headway against inevitable cyberattacks. In fact, we were instrumental in working with the DoD and the U.S. Air Force to develop and deliver its Cloud Native Access Point (CNAP) Reference Design. The goal of CNAP is to deliver capability at the speed of relevance by providing secure access to cloud and on-premises environments addressing a hybrid world, as well as secure access to fit-for-purpose mission related systems. The primary objective of CNAP is to leverage a Zero Trust architecture that provides secure authorized access to DoD resources by authorized DoD users and endpoints from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

I invite you to check us out for yourself. We are thrilled to participate in several events during October in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. There are multiple in-person and virtual opportunities to hear our thought leaders discuss the importance of implementing a Zero Trust architecture and to watch our solution architects in action, sharing comprehensive demonstrations.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Activities:

Oct 6-8: Billington Cybersecurity Summit

  • Join Jason Garbis, Chief Product Officer, Appgate; William MacMillan, CISO, CIA; Bill Marion, Growth & Strategy Lead, Defense, Accenture; Chris Cleary, Principal Cyber Advisor, Dept. of the Navy, DoD for Zero Trust: Strategy, an insightful panel discussion moderated by Blackberry’s Executive Chairman & CEO, John Chen.

Oct 21: Pacific Northwest National Lab – Virtual Cyber Tech Day 2021

  • Appgate Federal and CTG co-sponsor DoE’s employee-focused event

Oct 21: WTOP Executive Interview with Jason Garbis, Chief Product Officer, Appgate

  • Listen to Jason Garbis and Tom Temin at 12:30pm ET for an exclusive interview, What Zero Trust means for the Federal Government

Oct 27-28: AFCEA TechNet Cyber

  • Visit us in booth #1923 at the Baltimore Convention Center

To learn more about how Appgate SDP provides agency employees with fast and secure access anytime from anywhere and sets the foundation for adopting Zero Trust architectures in federal government IT and OT environments, please visit

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