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Brent GaynorFebruary 25, 2021

Citrix Ready! Extending Value to Virtual Desktops via Citrix Partnership

Enterprises which have implemented VDI have found themselves struggling to implement least privileged access. To address this issue, Appgate partnered with Citrix Ready program to further secure Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with fine-grained access controls and Zero Trust Network Access.


More than 400,000 businesses utilize Citrix for desktop virtualization, which supports user mobility by offering remote access to critical applications via any endpoint device. Users can connect to the virtual desktop at any time, from any device. At first VDI was considered a more secure option for remote access because the virtual desktop instance could be terminated when the user was finished. However, as with most legacy forms of remote access, weaknesses are eventually exposed:

  • A compromised VDI session or leaked password leaves the door open to attack
  • Physical network resources are shared so if a breach occurs, all the underlying systems connecting the virtual network are at risk
  • Lack of adequate patching is common since each virtual desktop has its own operating system and configuration
  • Hypervisor exploitation, or hyperjacking, occurs when attackers use malware to get into the operating system and control the hypervisor, which can be hard to detect.

Appgate SDP helps Citrix VDI users overcome these security challenges. The following capabilities were highlighted as joint value propositions.

  • Today public cloud workloads are orders of magnitude more complex than even a few years ago and require fine-grained policies and conditional access to protect them. Appgate SDP overlays network access controls inside and across clouds within Citrix’s virtualized context to simplify and centralize control.
  • Data Insulation meets Zero Trust to create a “virtualized desktop Zero Trust environment” to ensure complex threats like ransomware and lateral attacks are rendered ineffective or completely disarmed.
  • Simplify workflow and streamline user experience. Appgate SDP allows a single Citrix cluster to support all users and all local and remote cloud entitlements. This benefits customers by reducing licensing expenditures while providing an elegant single cluster architecture with fine-grained access control while eliminating the need to expose private IP addresses.
  • Expand use case support and accelerate migration to cloud. It is challenging for larger enterprises to embrace portable architectures or utilize containerization due to technical debt. The Citrix and SDP partnership facilitate cloud enablement and digital transformation of the largest enterprise workloads.

Together, Appgate and Citrix deliver the best of both worlds merging VDI and Zero Trust access segmentation in an easy to deploy and highly secure package.

If any of the capabilities above are of interest and you would like to learn more read our Citrix data sheet or for a demo, email us today or use online chat to schedule a call.

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