Paul Campaniello|March 5, 2024

DXC Slashes Connectivity Costs by 67% and Unifies Secure Access With Universal ZTNA

Formed through mergers and acquisitions, Fortune 500 IT services leader DXC Technology faced a common challenge: its collection of companies had created a complex array of VPNs, needless overhead, operational obstacles and security gaps. To overcome these issues and align its security strategy to Zero Trust principles, DXC deployed Appgate SDP Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to create a unified secure access platform to protect its vast, converged network infrastructure in just 120 days.

DXC, a global IT solutions and services powerhouse, helps organizations navigate evolving IT landscapes by managing their mission-critical systems and operations, modernizing their IT infrastructures, optimizing data architectures, and ensuring security and scalability across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. After a series of acquisitions, DXC faced a familiar post-merger challenge: infrastructure sprawl due to inheriting a collection of independent networks with distinct access controls. This created a labyrinth of disparate VPNs that led to operational headaches, security vulnerabilities and difficulty in managing access across the entire IT estate.

Scaling the business securely with this fragmented system was simply not feasible. DXC needed a unified solution that streamlined access control and aligned with its evolving Zero Trust security strategy. The answer was to replace heterogenous VPNs with Appgate SDP universal ZTNA ... deployed in just 120 days as a single automated secure access platform for DXC users around the world.

Operational and cost-cutting ROI of universal Zero Trust Network Access

With Appgate SDP in place, DXC dramatically reduced hands-on admin time for its IT team that included:

  • Employee and third-party access management went from requiring the equivalent of three full-time employees to none.
  • Provisioning user accounts was reduced from a four-day process to a matter of seconds.
  • Modifying access rights was simplified, taking only 30 seconds instead of four hours.

But the benefits extended far beyond streamlining administration so IT teams could focus on more strategic initiatives. With Appgate's direct-routed ZTNA solution, DXC securely offloaded user traffic from its network and cut expensive MPLS connections from over 600 sites by creating a café-style Wi-Fi network over which users can securely access hybrid resources. This bold move yielded significant savings, slashing connectivity costs by an impressive 67% which translated to millions of dollars saved each year. Additionally, Appgate SDP capabilities addressed DXC’s overlapping IP spaces—another frequent hurdle encountered in post-M&A integrations and divestitures.

This migration to Zero Trust Network Access not only transformed DXC's network, but it also enabled the business to take complete control of its IT security posture and eliminate risks often associated with converged networks. Appgate SDP facilitated secure connections for more than 130,000 employees and thousands of third-party users across the organization, regardless of their locations or devices. This newfound flexibility and efficiency, coupled with enhanced security, far exceeded DXC’s initial goal of unified access control.

As DXC's story illustrates, embracing modern solutions like universal ZTNA can unlock a wealth of benefits, allowing businesses to collaborate securely, thrive in a competitive landscape and achieve their full potential. Get the full DXC case study here. In addition, Appgate is a trusted ZTNA provider for DXC’s Zero Trust Framework solution available to its worldwide customer base. 

About Appgate SDP ZTNA

As evidenced by the DXC story, enterprise security isn't easy. Networks are elaborate, applications and requirements constantly change, and business demands often conflict with compliance and security needs.

Appgate SDP, the industry’s most comprehensive universal Zero Trust Network Access solution, can be configured to meet exact security and compliance requirements regardless of network topology or complexity. And it delivers adaptive and effective secure user-to-resource and resource-to-resource access built on the least privilege principle of Zero Trust security.

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