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Chris ScheelsJune 30, 2021

How Secure Network Access Fast-Tracks Merger and Acquisition Activities

M&As are some of the most intricate projects you will ever encounter: high stakes, tight timelines and complex integrations of personnel, technology and business processes are the norm. Game-changing success is contingent on swift enablement of operational and administrative functions—and concurrently securing network access for all.


While the details differ from project to project, enabling HR, finance, payroll, IT, logistics and other roles from one company to access resources from another—as fast and securely as possible—is vital to efficiently executing on a merger and acquisition (M&A) initiative.

Unfortunately, the companies involved typically have different (and likely incompatible) IT environments and technology stacks, which can create frustrating delays and contribute to high integration costs.

Appgate SDP, our industry-leading Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, overcomes hurdles to accelerate M&A integration by simplifying and strengthening network access controls. By allowing any user on any device to securely connect to any workload or resource, Appgate SDP:

  • Improves efficiency and reduces costs by reusing existing IT stacks
  • Enhances security by consolidating security management and administration
  • Eliminates the need for additional costly security hardware related to traditional integration projects
  • Introduces a flexible framework to enable future expansion

Let’s take a quick look at a success story that shows the value of these characteristics.

Integrating Two Rapid-Fire Acquisitions

One of our customers, a large managed hosting and managed cloud services provider, recently made two substantial acquisitions in quick succession. A single M&A project can extend for months, so handling two simultaneously was quite an undertaking!

To execute on these projects, our customer needed to provide:

  • Secure access to privileged users within a multi-tenant environment
  • Remote access as a replacement for expensive (and increasingly targeted) VPNs
  • Precise access to AWS and Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Appgate SDP delivered exactly what was needed to rapidly integrate these hybrid IT environments and enable the teams to perform effectively—creating immediate and valuable benefits for our customer, including:

  • Rapid and cost-effective network integration: Despite complicated DNS services and overlapping IP address spaces, Appgate SDP provided immediate and secure network access with surgical precision, while keeping the acquired company networks separate and avoiding IP remapping issues and DNS integration headaches.
  • Hardware and operational cost savings: By using Appgate SDP to securely direct traffic from each of the acquired companies through the existing security stack, our customer avoided incurring significant additional licensing costs and preserved security by reusing their security stack.
  • Flexibility to handle an unforeseen need: When a large U.S. government project requiring security clearance suddenly needed extra resources before the M&A integration was complete, Appgate SDP’s fine-grained access control enabled our customer to pool workers across the companies—while maintaining security clearance and compliance requirements.

Unlock Efficiencies to Accelerate Your Returns

There are so many things to worry about in an M&A—but with Appgate SDP, providing secure global least privilege access to anything by anyone from anywhere won’t be one of them.

For more details about how Appgate SDP can fast-track secure network access for mergers and acquisitions, plus diagrams to illustrate the success story summarized above, read this use case info sheet.

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