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Julie PreissSeptember 3, 2020

What we hope you’ll say about us when we’re not in the room!

Today we’re excited to share the work we’ve been doing to create a new brand identity. While we have a new look, we haven’t changed who we are, what we do or why we do it. In-fact, our new brand direction focuses on what we do best for our customers.

A Word From Our CEO

Who we are

Appgate is a secure access company.

Getting secure access right is essential since it enables the world to safely do business. It sounds easy: make sure the right people get to the resources they need to do their job and keep the wrong people from accessing things they shouldn’t. Controlling access, whether for employees, consumers or third parties, is actually very hard for organizations to do.

There are countless variables to what we connect to and how - cloud and hybrid, wired and wireless, virtual and perimeter-less, public and private - to name a few. Not everyone should have the same level of access to data and applications. The problem is, most traditional security solutions weren’t created with these things in mind. That’s where it gets complex. Ask anyone who has created tens of thousands of firewall rules for a single application or had to rollout countless patches to defend against the vulnerability-du-jour.

Appgate as been at this for many years. Our products and services make these hard problems easier to solve. And our solutions are designed for modern networks, making them more effective and cost-efficient.

What we do

We secure access in two ways:

Our defensive solutions are complimented by our offensive experts at Immunity, an Appgate company that specializes in system penetration and attack technologies. They identify weaknesses before adversaries do. Their findings create a powerful feedback loop that informs our product development, ensuring the strongest secure access solutions can defend against the strongest cyberattacks.

Why we do it

Security has real world impact. People’s lives are negatively impacted if security fails. Appgate believes the way security is traditionally applied isn’t working. It’s too fragmented and reactive.

We’re committed to changing security for the better by making it simpler for users and operators and more complex for adversaries. Our vision is to help organizations unlock maximum growth and innovation by giving them the confidence that access is secure.

Our new look

Our new logo and graphics support our point of view. It’s simple and without excess frills or complexity. The typeface is bold, demonstrating confidence. The edges on the letters indicate that our solutions are cutting-edge, not grounded in legacy technology that doesn’t work for modern enterprises.

The rounded links allude to simplicity, fluidity and cohesion. We are working with you and for you to provide a more secure future.

What we hope you’ll say about us

Arguably one of the world’s greatest marketers, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, said:
“Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.”

We hope to earn and build your trust and exceed your expectations. And if we were a fly on the wall, here’s what we’d hope to hear people say about us:

  • Appgate operates with integrity. They don’t sell snake oil. They’re straightforward and worthy of our trust.
  • Appgate makes my hard job easier. They work to simplify secure access by eliminating unnecessary and overly complex elements.
  • Appgate gives us a high return on every security dollar spent with them. They’ve helped our organization get rid of aging and inefficient technology while strengthening our security posture.
  • Appgate is always evolving their solutions to help me future-proof my investment. The world changes quickly, my technology has to keep pace.

Thanks for reading!

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