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Chris ScheelsAugust 13, 2019

Nequi Secures Mobile App Users With Appgate SDP

Nequi, a FinTech organization that is part of Groupo Bancolombia, realized how risky their current security infrastructure was and understood that they needed to make a change.


Nequi is a financial services company that is disrupting the market in Colombia. They realized that their VPN solution for employee access was not providing the security they needed. Here is how Nequi took action by partnering up with AppGate to solve this issue.

The Challenge

Nequi needed to secure on-premises, cloud, and SaaS environments across a distributed workforce. The team was struggling with implementing access policies across workloads and users, and protecting critical customer financial data. The company needed to guarantee secure access to critical resources, protect data, and comply with international standards. Traditional security controls like NACs, firewalls, and VPNs were challenging to implement and costly to maintain. Nequi required a solution that was simple to implement and easy to maintain that supported its Zero Trust approach.

World’s Most Comprehensive Software Defined Perimeter

Nequi chose Appgate SDP to secure access to workloads. Appgate SDP micro-segmentation allowed more granular access and guaranteed secure access to critical resources by only approved users. It established controls based on the time of day, location, user device security posture, AV, OS patches, etc. For those same critical resources, Nequi enabled Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to protect the most critical data, adding an extra layer of security. The ability to auto-provision access to resources and scripting with Appgate SDP’s extensive API interface, helped Nequi overcome the challenges with complex access policies and instead simplify their rulesets.

Appgate SDP’s design, and the meticulous audit logs, ensure Nequi has complete visibility into access for compliance with international standards.

Accelerating Nequi’s Journey to Zero Trust

When you cling to 20-year-old technology, you have to twist it into something that it was not originally intended to do. This twisting causes overcomplexity and a costly management burden that is prone to human error. In its research, “Gartner estimates that at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault through 2023.”*

Use Appgate SDP to gain precision and granularity in how users and devices access workloads and critical data, ensuring that all communication flows are secure and encrypted.

It is time to adopt the world’s most comprehensive Software-Defined Perimeter and jump-start your Zero Trust journey.

*Gartner, TOP SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT TRENDS, Peter Firstbrook, Brian Reed, Sam Olyaei, Gorka Sadowski, David Mahdi, Prateek Bhajanka, Earl Perkins, 31 January 2019 (report available to Gartner subscribers)

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