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George WilkesNovember 19, 2018

Old Tech, New Tricks: Securing Legacy Applications

Many essential legacy applications holding valuable data can’t easily be replaced or updated, but must be protected by modern security methods to keep out the latest threats.


There’s only one thing that never changes in the IT universe: change itself. As technology advances and organizational needs morph on an almost daily basis, IT executives must stay ahead of the curve while maintaining a balance between security and business requirements. Too often left behind in the shuffle: Legacy assets.

While new technologies are developed in accordance with modern security strategies, mission-critical legacy assets such as ATM networks, core banking platforms, and more are not adequately protected. The result? These assets, that often contain highly sensitive information, are completely vulnerable to attack.

In my latest article published in Forbes, gain insight into how organizations can protect even the most antiquated legacy assets from modern cyber threats. Click here to read the full text.

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