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George WilkesDecember 28, 2021

Strategy shifts to Zero Trust security: What decision makers are buying and why

The 2021 Network Security Barometer reveals IT decision maker insights about Zero Trust adoption, including what buyers look for when evaluating products, what motivates them to look for a solution and where they are on their Zero Trust security journey.


Zero Trust security is a shift toward a never trust, extensively verify mindset. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a foundational building block for Zero Trust security, quickly becoming a standard for secure access control, especially as cloud, remote work and edge computing turn traditional security perimeters inside out. ZTNA starts from a default deny posture and enables operational efficiencies with fewer trade-offs between security and agility.

New insights from the Network Security Investment Barometer

More than 500 U.S.-based IT decision makers who oversee enterprise network security were surveyed to understand how purchases are assessed and what influences final buying choices. Their responses—presented and analyzed within the 2021 Network Security Investment Barometer—reveal important insights about ZTNA adoption, including:

  • Who is involved in the purchase decision, and in what role (e.g., makers, approvers, influencers)
  • What security experts look for in a solution
  • What needs organizations are trying to address
  • The adoption rate of key ZTNA use cases (e.g., unifying cloud and on-premises access, securing legacy infrastructure, securing DevOps access, replacing VPN, etc.)
  • Zero Trust maturity across different elements (e.g., user experience, tech stack, solutions, network, policies, threat surface)

Download the report today to learn how the tailwinds of digital transformation are overcoming the headwinds of failing legacy network security solutions.

2021 Network Security Barometer
Zero Trust security: what decision makers are buying and why

A driving force behind digital transformation

ZTNA is more than just a component of cybersecurity; the right solution also can drive digital transformation. But not all ZTNA vendors are created equal and some that claim Zero Trust security are downright pretenders. So, enterprise buyers must carefully select the right ZTNA vendor to achieve outcomes such as:

  • Strengthening and simplifying access controls
  • Reducing the attack surface
  • Removing policy management complexity for admins
  • Improving the user experience
  • Unleashing operations with integrations and automation

Robust ZTNA solutions, like Appgate SDP, prove that it’s possible to address the top considerations, thereby allowing enterprises to implement ZTNA for a robust, scalable and sustainable high-security posture, even while enhancing the user experience and enterprise agility. If you’re looking to improve your over security posture with Zero Trust security initiatives, here are additional resources to review:

Nemertes study: Benefits of Zero Trust extend far beyond network security
Blog: Implementing your Zero Trust security journey
Case study: Convoso replaces VPN with ZTNA to enable scalable secure access

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