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Jason GarbisMarch 2, 2020

Zero Trust: A Journey to Security and Beyond

There’s a lot of buzz being generated around the idea of Zero Trust, but it isn’t a tool or a standard. Zero Trust is more of a philosophy that will take you on a journey toward greater security and business efficiency.


Zero Trust is an important, rapidly growing, and potentially confusing trend in the security industry. But it provides a much-needed shift away from the (failed) traditional perimeter-centric model, toward a dynamic and identity-centric model.

Many security leaders and innovative organizations are embarking on their journey to Zero Trust, but often struggle to find or devise a clear definition. This struggle is understandable – Zero Trust isn’t a specification, a set of tools or even a standard with a single authoritative source: it is a philosophy intended to help leaders set a path for the future of their security program. Fortunately, there are many sources of objective and substantive information about Zero Trust, including analysts, security practitioners, solution providers, and non-profit alliances.

Organizations embarking on their journey to Zero Trust should define the goals and components in a way that’s appropriate for their organization’s unique environment, level of maturity and security, and IT challenges.

Zero Trust is fundamentally about security but it’s broader than that. It goes beyond security, and when executed properly will enable business initiatives, and drive business outcomes. For example, our customer WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) not only improved the security of their developer access into cloud environments, but they also significantly reduced the complexity of their branch office security infrastructure, saving millions of dollars and hundreds of person-hours per year.

Another customer, in the travel industry, was able to successfully transition hundreds of call-center agents away from working in a centralized office to a work-from-home setup. Not only are these agents saving time and carbon emissions from their reduced commute, the IT team was able to eliminate the need for an expensive hardware and networking “stack” at each agent’s home. These are just two examples of how our customers have leveraged the Appgate SDP platform as they journey to Zero Trust.

We love seeing our customers benefit from our platform – and although it feels like we’re just getting started – we constantly listen to our customers and the market and invest in innovation with every upgrade of our product. As such, we’re pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our Zero Trust platform, Appgate SDP version 5.1.

In this release, we’ve added:

  • Expanded client platform support, so a broader set of users can be included
  • Support for larger and more complex enterprise deployments, and an enhanced end-user experience
  • A new “Always-On SDP” capability, ensuring that both inbound and outbound connections are secured and controlled by policy, from the moment a device boots up
  • New support for securing IoT environments with a small-footprint hardware device

We’re passionate about security, and believe that the Zero Trust guiding principles are the right way for organizations to meet their current challenges. But it’s important to understand that Zero Trust is a journey for organizations – it takes vision and leadership, and a willingness to change. This is not always easy. But Zero Trust provides significant and measurable improvements in security and efficiency, and its benefits are well worth the investment.

At the conclusion of Toy Story 4 (warning, spoiler ahead), Buzz Lightyear tells Woody to listen to his inner voice, and have the courage to make a momentous change. Woody is torn, but ultimately makes the decision that’s right for him. Change is difficult, and we can’t promise that your journey to Zero Trust will be headache-free. But we truly believe that your inner voice is telling you the traditional approaches to enterprise and network security have failed, and that it’s time for a change.

Have the courage to lead your organization to Zero Trust, and you’ll see benefits in security, and beyond.

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