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Digital Threat Protection Features

Digital Threat Protection (DTP) is a managed solution that requires minimal effort to implement, maintain and monitor for maximum digital confidence.

Digital Threat Protection Offerings

DTP’s three key offerings provide wide ranging protection through a simple JavaScript.

Web Health Monitoring

Proactively monitor and mitigate targeted attacks such as phishing, pharming and defacement. DTP continuously analyzes and monitors a wide range of common fraud sources including website, social media channels, abuse box, referrer weblogs and more.

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Session Risk Management

Digital Threat Protection’s session monitoring seamlessly integrates malware detection into your critical websites. This provides a swift assessment of the type and risk level of the malware attacking your organization, while covering 100% of your customers.

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Brand Protection

Most fraud attacks target end users. We monitor your brand across all popular phishing channels, social media sites and mobile app stores, so we can identify fraud and take down attacks before your customers are impacted.

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Deep &
Dark Web

Allow us to provide peace of mind when it comes to the deep and dark web. Appgate enables you to identify exposed information related to compromised credentials, as well as leaked code and documentation. This enables you to take action before there is any impact to your organization.

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