How It Works

DetectID Enterprise in Action

Any strong authentication platform is defined by three main components: the available factors, user experience, and ease of integration.

Varied Authentication Factors

DetectID offers enterprises a wide variety of authentication options, ranging from modern factors, such as push messages and software-delivered one-time passcodes, to legacy factors, such as hardware tokens, to meet the needs of every organization.

Lower Friction by Going Mobile

Leverage the omnipresent nature of mobile devices to seamlessly authenticate employees. Modern factors, such as push notifications and software-delivered one-time passcodes, provide high levels of security and enhanced user experience.

Simple Integration with Existing Ecosystems

Quickly and easily integrate with virtual private networks (VPNs) such as Juniper, Cisco and others, as well as Windows and Linux desktop logins. DetectID Enterprise is also compatible with APIs and Mobile SDKs for other types of integrations, including your custom and proprietary software.

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