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Appgate Releases New Version of Its Award-Winning Universal Zero Trust Network Access Solution

Appgate SDP enables network transformation—hardening an organization’s perimeter and securing its most valuable assets, while reducing cost

MIAMI (June 7, 2024) Appgate, the secure access company, today released Appgate SDP 6.3, the latest version of its universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. The new version creates a more agile, efficient and secure network to improve business continuity, security and performance. New features maximize resiliency, speed and performance, and include an AI-based risk engine.

“We are constantly innovating, simplifying and improving Appgate SDP to meet the complex security requirements of our global customer base,” said Leo Taddeo, CEO and President, Appgate. “The latest improvements further solidify Appgate SDP’s position as the leading universal ZTNA solution chosen by enterprises and federal agencies to transform their networks.”

Appgate SDP 6.3, which is already deployed in select Fortune 500 enterprises and federal agencies, boasts several new features including:

  • New risk engine adapters: Microsoft Intune and Sentinel One APIs dynamically integrate security intelligence, instantly verifying user devices and corporate policies.
  • Increased scale: Large enterprise customers can deploy over 500 million dynamic access rules.
  • Automated fallback sites: If an internet or data center connection fails, users are automatically redirected to a different location, fortifying resiliency and business continuity.
  • Nearest site detection for remote users: Automated access rules connect remote users to the closest DNS, active directory or VOIP servers, increasing performance and reducing latency.
  • Automated local site detection for on-premises users: Users in headquarter and branch office locations can connect directly over the local network, avoiding firewall hair pinning.
  • Grouped collectives: Load balancing and high availability across multiple grouped collectives deliver added redundancy and support access in large enterprise environments.

Appgate SDP’s unique, direct-routed ZTNA architecture drives operational efficiencies and cost savings. Direct routing overcomes scale and latency limitations and the hidden costs of cloud-routed ZTNA solutions that force traffic through a vendor multi-tenant cloud. Many Appgate SDP customers have built secure café-style connectivity, reducing OpEx costs by eliminating traditional tools such as MPLS, SD-WAN and VPNs.

DXC Technology, a leading Fortune 500 global IT services provider, replaced disparate VPNs with Appgate SDP, creating a new secure access platform. This allowed DXC to remove MPLS from over 600 sites reducing overall connectivity costs by 67%, yielding millions of dollars of savings. Leveraging this experience, DXC then helped their customers implement and manage Appgate SDP, accelerating their individual Zero Trust journeys.

“Partnering with Appgate has been transformational for our organization. Appgate’s SDP solution not only unifies our access control and security measures but also empowers us to embrace the future of secure networking. With streamlined provisioning, enhanced security visibility, and substantial cost savings, Appgate has proven to be an invaluable asset in our journey to modernize and secure our network infrastructure,” said David Nutt, Enterprise Architect, DXC Technology.

To explore the features and functionality of Appgate SDP universal ZTNA, sign up for a 30-day free trial now.

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