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Appgate’s Tina Gravel Appointed as Founding Member of AI Micro Think Tank

Monthly sessions aim to bridge the gap between IT and leadership while sharing practical advice on attaining sustainable security posture

MIAMI, FL – June 11, 2021 -
Appgate, the secure access company, announces today that Tina Gravel, Senior Vice President of Channel and Alliances for Appgate, has been selected to join as a founding member of the Micro Think Tank, a new video conference series created by the Cyber Hero Network in partnership with the IT-ISAC and the A.I. Association. The series aims to bridge the gap between cybersecurity experts and leadership by bringing together global thought leaders from the cybersecurity and IT sectors to collaborate and share practical advice meant to assist business leaders in attaining a sustainable security posture.

“Today’s ever-shifting security landscape demands that enterprises stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. Doing that requires not only communication, but understanding, between IT and C-suite executives. I’m thrilled to be able to help bring meaningful and impactful dialogue between the two groups,” said Gravel.

The monthly, interactive webinars will feature a series of micro presentations, after which attendees will have the opportunity to engage in small-group networking discussions on the topic of the hour. These sessions will culminate in a white paper based on participants’ contributions.

The series, which is aligned with CISA's Critical Infrastructure Sectors, will kick off on June 17, 2021, with a session entitled Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. Special keynote speakers include Michael Garris, Senior Advisor in AI and Autonomy at MITRE, Peder Jungck, VP/GM Intelligence Solutions at BAE Systems, Dr. Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer at Ericom Software, and Herbert Roitblat, Principal Data Scientist at Mimecast. Participants of this inaugural session will receive a complimentary copy of NIST’s Cyber Security Professional (NCSP) Certification video training course ($440 value), courtesy of sponsor itSM Solutions. (Participants must be present to win.)

Seating is limited to the first 100 registrants. Learn more about the event and reserve your seat today.

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Appgate is the secure access company that provides cybersecurity solutions for people, devices and systems based on the principles of Zero Trust security. Appgate updates IT systems to combat the cyber threats of today and tomorrow. Through a set of differentiated cloud and hybrid security products, Appgate enables enterprises to easily and effectively shield against cyber threats. Appgate protects more than 650 organizations across government and business. Learn more at

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