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Appgate SDP Overview

Learn how the industry’s most comprehensive universal ZTNA solution strengthens security and transforms your network with the flexibility, extensibility and integration advantages of direct-routed architecture.

How Appgate SDP Works

Find out about the inner-workings of the most flexible and adaptable Zero Trust Network Access solution available today.

Zero Trust Platform
Integrations and Tech Partners
Appgate SDP for Developers
Use Cases for Securing:
Risk-Based Authentication
Learn how Risk-Based Authentication provides a frictionless, intelligent and data-informed approach to user authentication.
Strong Authentication
Find out how you can provide secure, frictionless access with the right multi-factor authentication method.
Transaction Monitoring
Explore the tools you can use to intelligently identify and prevent online fraud.
Behavioral Biometrics Service
Learn how behavioral analysis and machine learning stop fraudulent online web activity in real-time.
Secure Consumer Access for:
Digital Threat Protection
Discover how you can gain unparalleled threat visibility and the risk management tools that enable early identification and elimination of potential attacks.
Key Features
Take a deep dive into the features and tools contained within our industry-leading Digital Threat Protection (DTP) solution.
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Strong Authentication

Legacy authentication systems add complexity and frustrate customers with unnecessary friction. Chosing the right multi-factor authentication method can reduce this friction and improve secure access.

Authentication Factors

Use multi-factor authentication methods together or individually for different systems or risk management scenarios.

Push Authentication

The end user can verify transactions, logins and any other sensitive requests with a mere push of a button. Customers respond to activity simply by pressing "Accept’"or "Reject" when prompted. The authentication response is then sent from the user’s mobile device to your company’s systems via an encrypted communication channel.

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Mobile Device ID SDK

Using a proprietary algorithm, our mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) generates a fingerprint for mobile devices based on hardware and software characteristics, such as serial, phone and model numbers. This creates a unique identity for mobile devices.

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QR Authentication

QR-code authentication integrated directly into a company’s native mobile app allows for quick user verification without having to memorize and enter a username and password. Using a mobile device’s camera, the encrypted QR code can be scanned anytime an end user wants to confirm or cancel a transaction.

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Biometric Facial Recognition

Using the device’s camera, SelfID prompts users to perform gestures such as side-to-side movement in order to authenticate a transaction. This protects against fraudsters who may try to circumvent less sophisticated facial scanners with static photos of the end user.

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Email and SMS OTPs

This offers out-of-band one-time passcodes (OTPs) through a variety of secure delivery methods, including email or a text message sent directly to the end user.

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