Software-Defined Perimeter

Accelerate Your Journey to Zero Trust with AppGate SDP

Legacy network security solutions were not designed for today’s dynamic perimeter, resulting in vulnerabilities and complexity. The Software-Defined Perimeter is a full-featured network security platform that embodies the core principles of Zero Trust.

Zero Trust is a fundamental transformation of corporate security from a failed perimeter centric approach

– Forrester1

Authenticate Identity, Not IP Address

Authenticate Identity, Not IP Address 

Build a multi-dimensional profile of a user and device that is authorized before granting access.

Dynamically Adjust Entitlements

Dynamically Adjust Entitlements 

As context changes the entitlements dynamically adapt based on policy and real-time conditions.

Apply The Principle of Least Privilege

Apply The Principle of Least Privilege 

Leverage microsegmentation to reduce the attack surface and eliminate lateral movement to all network resources. 

Common Security Challenges 

Reduce Overprivileged Access and Third Party Risk

Authenticate the identity rather than the IP address, providing a secure segment of one to only authorized users.

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Speed Up Security. Unleash DevOps.

Provide secure and automated multi-tunnel access to developers, removing VPN hurdles and unleashing productivity.

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Secure Access to Critical Workloads in Public Clouds

Extend across all heterogenous environments, providing a unified secure access solution and simplifying network security.

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Extend Zero Trust to Unprotected IoT Devices

Remove risks associated with connected IoT devices with AppGate SDP IoT Connector. 

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Kill Your VPN

The Definitive Guide to SDP 

Learn the benefits, architecture and key features of the Software-Defined Perimeter. 

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Why It's Time for a VPN Alternative 

Learn why VPNs are dangerous and how a SDP offers a better approach to secure access in this in-depth Whitepaper. 

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1 "Security Architecture Operations Playbook" , Forrester 2018