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Zero Trust Starts with Secure Access

Simplify and strengthen access controls for every user, on any device, with Appgate SDP – a leading Zero Trust Network Access solution

Appgate SDP

Zero Trust Private Access for Hybrid IT

Strengthen Security

Securing the network is essential to your Zero Trust strategy. Appgate SDP reduces risk and heightens security controls, especially with the realities of remote access.

  • Eliminates Attack Surface: Resources are invisible until authenticated and authorized
  • Verifies Identity: Access is conditional and contextual based on user profile and device posture
  • Dynamically Adjusts Entitlements: Real time changes based on risk and conditions
  • Prevents Lateral Movement: Eliminates visibility to unauthorized resources
  • Secures Server-to-Server: Protects connections to un-manned resources
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Reduce Complexity

Complexity is the bane of security, causing operational inefficiencies, human error and increased risk. Appgate SDP simplifies operations, configuration, management and compliance.

  • Unify Access: Consistent experience and configuration across hybrid IT
  • Simplify Policies: Single framework for all users, devices, networks and infrastructure
  • Automate Access: Security-as-code allows policies to dynamically scale
  • Reduce Audit Scope: Micro-segmentation and traffic logs simplify compliance
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Improve Experience

Legacy access solutions frustrate users and make their job more difficult. Appgate SDP improves user experience and productivity, reduces IT support requests and streamlines business continuity and costs.

  • Improve Connections: Multi-tunneling connects users to hybrid resources concurrently
  • Increase Productivity: Seamless and consistent user-experience with simple onboarding
  • Boost Performance: 93% throughput efficiency and less than 1ms latency
  • Reduce Tools: One solution and experience for trusted remote and on-premises access
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Streamline Automation

Appgate SDP embraces security-as-code for more agile and rich integrations via bi-directional APIs. Boost operational efficiency with automated deployment and scaling, but without manual security controls or firewall configurations.

  • Automate Policies: Leverage data from Identity & Directory Systems and environmental meta-data to dynamically create or extend policies and entitlements
  • Automate Access: Integration with existing enterprise workflows, such as ticketing systems
  • Enhance Device Checking: Advance device posture as criteria for access through integration with endpoint solutions
  • Put Data to Work: Provide visibility into network activity and the ability to use risk data for access criteria by integrating with SIEMs
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An SDP in a Class of Its Own

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