AppGate for Developers

AppGate SDP Developer Resources

We’ve created a collection of scripts, tools, and developer-focused resourced based on our experience deploying AppGate SDP for customers, as well as internal usage. We believe these will be valuable assets for you, as you embrace and accelerate your journey to Zero Trust.

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AppGate SDP automates the management and enforcement of access rules, driven by policies based on user, device, and service attributes. These extensions provide you with scripts to check device attributes, including Windows antivirus, Windows posture checks with WMIN, and verification of device network location.

AppGate SDP Extensions

AppGate Controller API Gateway

What started as a prototyping tool has now become a feature-rich component, useful for anyone working with AppGate SDP integration. Exercising the API against a real system, modeling requests, and retrieving tokens are some of the benefits of this tool.

AppGate SDP HTTP API Gateway

Autoscaling Gateways

AppGate SDP has been designed for scalability. Adding Gateways to a Site will scale performance linearly, because AppGate SDP requires no inter-Gateway traffic. As such, these scripts help you use cloud provider autoscaling to automatically increase or decrease the number of AppGate SDP Gateway instances running based on metrics such as CPU or memory usage.

AppGate SDP Autoscale