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How Appgate SDP Works

Appgate’s Software-Defined Perimeter architecture exceeds the NIST Zero Trust Architecture Specifications by delivering a truly superior Zero Trust access solution.

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Explore the workflow and core appliances of Appgate SDP


Before any connection is made, the device and user must authenticate to the Controller, which evaluates a multi-dimensional identity profile.

User and Device Context:

  • User Roles & Projects
  • Time and Date
  • Location
  • Device Security Posture
  • Customizable Conditional Requirements
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Based on the context and permissions associated with user or device, the Controller returns a cryptographically signed token back to the Client, which contains the authorized set of network resources.

Entitlements Adjust Based On Conditions and Risk

  • Trusted access
  • Limited access
  • No access
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The Client uploads the Entitlement, which the Gateway uses to discover applications matching the user’s identity. When the user attempts to access a resource, the network driver forwards the token to the appropriate cloaked Gateway.

The Gateway:

  • Permits access
  • Denies access
  • Requires an additional action from the user, such as a one-time password

Once granted, all access to the resource travels from the Client across a secure, encrypted network tunnel to the Gateway, then through a micro-firewall to the only the approved resource.

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Monitor for

Appgate SDP continuously monitors for changes to the user and device context. If context changes, the users' network and application entitlements dynamically adjust in real time based on policies.

Privileges Adjust Immediately:

  • Require additional authentication from the user
  • Restrict access to critical systems
  • Revoke access until resolution
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