Extend Zero Trust to Unprotected IoT Devices

Easily remove risks associated with connected IoT devices.

AppGate SDP IoT Connector leverages the core principles of Zero Trust to secure unmanaged devices, restrict lateral movement and reduce the network attack surface. Fully leverage the power of smart devices in a way that is well-managed and secure.

“Organizations will see a 42% increase in IoT connections and $20 billion in spending from 2018 to 2020, which will provide greater opportunities for major security attacks.”

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Microsegment IoT devices

Microsegment IoT devices
Secure, granular control based on pre-set segments on how, when and where devices connect to the network.

Zero Trust IoT network security

Extend Zero Trust
Comprehensive Zero Trust network security solution that extends to IoT devices.

Enforce IoT access control policies

Unified Solution
Single platform that enforces access control policies across users, servers, and IoT devices.

Cyxtera named a strong performer in the q4 2018 Forrester Wave

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1  Gartner, Predicts 2019: Infrastructure Services, Published December 5, 2018