AppGate SDP Support

AppGate support solutions are designed to provide the best user experience and to allow IT departments to clearly plan support requirements for their organization. The information in the tables below explain the levels of support available, how this applies to current versions of AppGate SDP and links to the software download pages.
Enhanced support and services can be acquired from AppGate.

Product Support Life-cycle Definitions
Full Support

Feature packs, installation support, and product enhancements are being developed, and external references are maintained.


Product is still supported but no longer being developed. For new features and feature packs the customer would need to upgrade.

Software downloads are provided for supported versions. These require valid a software subscription (or maintenance) which is available at the time of purchase. Contact your AppGate sales representative for more information. Maintenance cannot be purchased instead of an upgrade.

Please visit the support portal for up to date information about AppGate SDP.

version availability

Clients and appliances within the same AppGate SDP Version are always compatible - so a 5.0.1 Client and 5.0.0 appliance would be fully compatible. Client backwards compatibility is maintained for two AppGate SDP Versions - so a 5.2 Client should still work against a 5.0 server.

AppGate SDP VersionSupport StatusServer and Client Software
5.2Full SupportAppGate SDP v5.2
5.1Full SupportAppGate SDP v5.1
5.0SupportedAppGate SDP v5.0
4.3Support ends 31 December 2020AppGate SDP v4.3
4.2Support ended 30 June 2020


Common Criteria for Information Technology - Security Evaluation Part 2 Extended and Part 3 Conformant, April 2017, Version 3.1 Rev 5. 

Certified AppGate SDP VersionCertificationReport
4.3EAL 2 Augmented with ALC_FLR.1Certification report

Accessibility Conformance Report - WCAG Edition VPAT® Version 2.2–July 2018

Certified AppGate SDP VersionStandardReport
5.1Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
AppGate SDPv5.1 - VPAT2.2
cloud marketplaces

AppGate SDP appliances are also available in various Cloud marketplaces.

Cloud ProviderLicense Type
AWSFree trial
Azure BYOL

We strive to support as many cloud regions as reasonably possible. Technical constrains may limit our support for certain regions. As new regions are added by cloud providers, we will evaluate and add support when possible.