Customers expect their information to be secure when using your business platforms. Provide secure and frictionless customer access to your systems with Appgate’s 360 Brand Guardian and 360 Adaptive Authentication solutions.

Secure, Frictionless Access for Customers

Trusting the validity of every person accessing your website or portal can be a challenge. Customers have vast digital footprints that malicious fraudsters can exploit by attacking weak authentication measures like passwords and SMS step-up authentication.

Start with Apgate's 360 Brand Guardian to proactively detect threats and mitigate malicious attacks that target your customers and can tarnish your brand. Then take that protection to the next level with 360 Adaptive Authentication that harnesses context and risk data to dynamically authenticate access without impeding your customers' experience. 

The Benefits of 360 Brand Guardian and 360 Adaptive Authentication

  • Frictionless authentication using threat intelligence.
  • Remove phishing or other threats targeting your consumers.
  • Simplified and customizable workflows.
  • Machine learning adapts to user behavior and detects unusual activity in real time.

Ready to protect your customers' access?

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