Mobile App Protection

Ensure that your app is running in a safe environment with risk-based access policies and strong adaptive authentication.

Mobile App Protection

Fortify your mobile app with self-protection and 360 Adaptive Authentication

Our mobile authentication software development kits (SDKs) directly integrate into your app and create a hardware-based fingerprint of end users’ mobile devices. Each login request is analyzed to confirm a customer’s identity. The solution also offers the widest range of authentication factors.

Deploy Strong Authenticationv2 2x

Use the Risk Controller feature to make sure customers are running your app in safe environment. Detect jailbroken and rooted devices, debuggers, pharming infections, insecure Wi-Fi networks and many other signs of a compromised device. Enable risk-based access or trigger multi-factor authentication on the most concerning devices.

Respond To Device Riskv2 2x

Detect and protect against the latest mobile threats, such as pharming, app spoofing, repackaged apps, man-in-the-middle attacks and more.

Block Attacksv2 2x

Get visibility into the risks affecting your customers’ mobile devices and receive detailed analytics and reports about end user device health and security incidents.

Detailed Analyticsv2 2x
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360 Adaptive Authentication for Mobile Protection

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