Phishing is the root cause of most cybersecurity and fraud incidents, so early identification and elimination is critical. Appgate’s 360 Brand Guardian and digital threat protection solutions proactively detect and remove phishing campaigns that target your customers.

Confront Persistent Phishing

Your customers' comfort level with daily online interactions is a threat actor's dream. They all regularly type, click and submit personal information, often without thinking twice. Fraudsters use your customers' digital footprints to manipulate behavior and extract information with malicious phishing schemes across emails, mobile apps, advertising and social media. To make matters worse, according to a recent ISMG survey:

“Only 40% of respondents say they have visibility into the impact of a phishing attack." 2023 Faces of Fraud report

24x7x365 Phishing Monitoring and Removal

Appgate’s 360 Brand Guardian and digital threat protection experts monitor your brand across all popular phishing channels to take down attacks before your customers are impacted. You receive instant threat notifications and detailed reporting through our customer portal.

Know Who Fell Victim

The Victim Insights feature includes information about customer credentials entered into phishing websites, such as user names and email addresses. Armed with insights on which users have fallen victim to phishing attacks, you can mitigate potential impact in near real time to give your customers peace of mind and discourage hackers from targeting your organization.

The Benefits of 360 Brand Guardian and Digital Threat Protection

  • Round-the-clock phishing protection with unparalleled threat visibility.
  • Expedited threat and phishing attempt takedown.
  • Detailed reporting on which customers were victimized,
  • Monitors 600+ mobile app stores, 1000+ social media, news forums, advertising and more.

Ready to combat phishing attacks?

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