Appgate SDP
SDP Overview
Learn how Appgate SDP reduces risk and complexity, and why it's the industry's most comprehensive Zero Trust network access solution.
How Appgate SDP Works
Find out about the inner-workings of the most flexible and adaptable Zero Trust Network Access solution available today.
SDP Integrations
Explore security, IT and business-system integrations that can enhance and help you adapt Appgate SDP to your existing workflows
SDP for Developers
Access developer tools and resources to maximize the value of your Appgate SDP deployment.
Zero Trust Network Access for:
Risk-Based Authentication
Learn how Risk-Based Authentication provides a frictionless, intelligent and data-informed approach to user authentication.
Strong Authentication
Find out how you can provide secure, frictionless access with the right multi-factor authentication method.
Transaction Monitoring
Explore the tools you can use to intelligently identify and prevent online fraud.
Behavioral Biometrics Service
Learn how behavioral analysis and machine learning stop fraudulent online web activity in real-time.
Secure Consumer Access for:
Digital Threat Protection
Discover how you can gain unparalleled threat visibility and the risk management tools that enable early identification and elimination of potential attacks.
Key Features
Take a deep dive into the features and tools contained within our industry-leading Digital Threat Protection (DTP) solution.

As well as the software in our own software download center, Appgate has published software resources elsewhere. In GitHub there are resources which help administrators deploy, configure and manage their Appgate SDP Collectives. For Cloud deployments, the appliance is also available in the AWS, Azure and GCP marketplaces.

GitHub Based Resources

These tools allow you to script the deployment, configuration and management of your Collective.

SDP OpenAPI Spec

This specification documents the comprehensive list of REST API calls that can be used with the Appgate SDP Controller. These very closely replicate what can be done from the admin UI. The admin guide explains how to use the APIs in more detail.



sdpctl is a command line tool for managing your Appgate SDP Collective. It includes APPLIANCE commands for upgrades and backups, TOKEN commands for viewing and deleting tokens and an OPEN command to take you to the admin UI.


K8S Operator

This project implements a kubernetes operator to configure an Appgate SDP system. The main goal of the operator is to keep the state of an SDP Collective in sync with an external state defined somewhere else (github repository for instance).


Terraform Provider

Terraform provider for Appgate SDP offers a provider to help you compose, build and automate your SDP Collective from human-readable code. Infrastructure automation workflow allows you to integrate it with your existing VCS, ITSM, etc providing a consistent workflow to provision and manage your Collective.


Cloud Marketplace Resources

Available instance types...

We strive to support as many cloud regions as reasonably possible. Technical constraints may limit our support for certain regions. As new regions are added by cloud providers, we will evaluate and add support when possible.

When cloud images are withdrawn from any given marketplace, Qualified Support will be provided for a further 90 days after their removal.