FSI Achieves Lower Cost and Stronger Security Controls

A large federal system integrator and digitally enabled solutions provider focused on the defense, security and infrastructure markets. They deliver cyber/converged security, technology-based intellectual property and other innovative services to federal, regional and local government agencies, as well as private industrial customers worldwide.


Tremendous growth resulted in the FSI needing to enable stronger user and network access and control solutions that allowed users to be integrated into a DevOps process.

They needed to meet security and audit requirements that proved they could control network access and privileges at the individual user level and still integrate into their forthcoming DevOps strategy.


The FSI partnered with Appgate’s Federal Division to deploy our Software-Defined Perimeter. By leveraging Appgate SDP with public internet as transport, as well as SD-WAN installed and managed by the client, the Appgate Federal Division enabled our client to put in place the granular user-centric controls required. Over the next year, our client will be integrating our Software-Defined Perimeter into their forthcoming DevOps initiative.


Working with Appgate Federal Division, the FSI experienced lower cost and stronger security controls through the use of our Software-Defined Perimeter.

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