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Risk and operational challenges demand a VPN replacement


VPN IP-based rules lack identity and context

Open ports:

VPN internet-facing attack surface is under assault


VPN architectures are a single point-of-entry lacking agility and scalability

Siloed and static:

VPN solves for remote users only and lacks integration

VPN switching:

VPNs deliver unreliable, poor user experience

“VPNs are antiquated and they need to go away. They are vulnerability aggregators and are a prime target for exploitation.”

Dr. Chase Cunningham, Dr. Zero Trust

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Deliver Secure Remote Access to Anything from Anywhere by Anyone

When it comes to VPN alternatives, ZTNA offers major benefits. But replacing legacy tech doesn’t happen overnight. Many start with secure remote access as a logical first use case. This eBook examines how to cut business risk and speed agility by moving to robust ZTNA as a VPN alternative.

5 Steps for Successful VPN to ZTNA Migration

Strengthen security without disruption



ZTNA builds intricate user profiles based on identity, contextual risk

Cloaked infrastructure:

ZTNA uses single packet authorization to hide ports, making everything invisible


Decentralized ZTNA architecture works across all hybrid workloads, scales via API integrations

Flexible and dynamic:

ZTNA flexible architecture unifies, secures access for all users, devices, workloads – not just remote access

Concurrent connections:

Using mTLS, ZTNA delivers multiple, simultaneous direct connections for improved experience

Why Appgate SDP

Strengthen and simplify access controls for all users, devices and workloads regardless of location with the industry's most comprehensive Zero Trust Network Access solution.


“At first, we considered replacing the existing VPN with a new one. But due to cost and our unique need to connect to our parent company's networkas well as the desire to dynamically control access to internal resources that weren't particularly secure we decided a VPN would not meet our requirements, so we looked for a different solution.

—Noritaka Namiki, ONE COMPATH


Still not convinced?

Here are the top 10 reasons to kick your VPN to the curb.

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