Unified Access for On-premises and Multi-cloud

Running a heterogeneous network with disparate tools and resources is a complex challenge. Unify access policies and controls across all environments and provide secure access to any location with Appgate’s Software-Defined Perimeter.

Secure Cloud Access & SDP

Dynamic Secure Access for Resources Everywhere

As workloads migrate to the cloud, it becomes complex to secure both on-prem and multi-cloud environments. These hybrid environments are architected differently to support a wide variety of modern workloads and legacy applications. Organizations undertaking cloud migration need to consider how they’ll deliver consistent, secure access across all their environments.

Appgate offers the industry’s most comprehensive and highest-rated Software-Defined Perimeter solution to provide secure and simplified access across heterogenous environments.

SDP for Network Agnostic Secure Access

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  • Consistent access control across multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  • Automated access scales with your cloud
  • Delivers identity and context specific Zero Trust Network Access
  • Reduces attack surface by making resources invisible

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