Secure access to, from and within the cloud

Zero Trust for Cloud

Moving workloads to the cloud drives business agility, but complicates network security. Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) cuts risk with dynamic unified access policies and controls that secure user-to-resource and resource-to-resource connections for any cloud configuration.

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Secure Cloud Access

With Zero Trust vs. Without

Using disparate security controls to manage connections to, from and within multiple cloud environments is painful, costly and risky. Robust Zero Trust Network Access delivers a unified policy engine and API-driven architecture that secures anything and controls everything.

Here’s the difference:

  • With Zero Trust

    Simple, unified policy engine for all clouds

    Without Zero Trust

    Disparate, static access management
  • With Zero Trust

    Invisible workloads and services

    Without Zero Trust

    Shifting attack surface and workload sprawl
  • With Zero Trust

    Identity and contextual least privilege access

    Without Zero Trust

    Obsolete authentication, open access
  • With Zero Trust

    Agile software-defined architecture

    Without Zero Trust

    Legacy security tech doesn’t scale
  • With Zero Trust

    Full visibility for all secure cloud access

    Without Zero Trust

    Lack of access and connection visibility

Appgate SDP was built on the principles of Zero Trust to harden and streamline access controls across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

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Case Study

Cloud-native Reltio reduces risk for global team

To secure access to dynamic, multi-cloud DevOps environments and meet strict compliance requirements, Reltio chose Appgate SDP ZTNA to protect its multi-tenant, multi-domain master data management platform.

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The Power of Appgate SDP

The industry's most comprehensive Universal ZTNA solution

Enable all users
Consistent Zero Trust for cloud secure access for anyone working from anywhere, whether in the office or remote—including third parties.

Secure all devices
From managed or unmanaged devices of all makes and models, get reliable and easy secure network access.

Protect all workloads
Unified secure network access for multi-cloud, on-premises and even your tried-and-true core legacy apps.

Zero Trust Network Access with Appgate SDP2

Build your AWS Zero Trust architecture

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Live learning series and Q&A: ZTNA Table Talks

Get first-hand insights from our network security experts on the advantages of direct-routed Zero Trust Network Access built for intricate hybrid IT environments. Each month features a different topic and live demo on how to strengthen security, control how data traverses your network, cut costs and boost operational efficiencies.

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*Global Study on Zero Trust Security for the Cloud, Ponemon Institute, 2022

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