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Appgate SDP Overview

Learn how the industry’s most comprehensive universal ZTNA solution strengthens security and transforms your network with the flexibility, extensibility and integration advantages of direct-routed architecture.

How Appgate SDP Works

Find out about the inner-workings of the most flexible and adaptable Zero Trust Network Access solution available today.

Zero Trust Platform
Integrations and Tech Partners
Appgate SDP for Developers
Use Cases for Securing:
Risk-Based Authentication
Learn how Risk-Based Authentication provides a frictionless, intelligent and data-informed approach to user authentication.
Strong Authentication
Find out how you can provide secure, frictionless access with the right multi-factor authentication method.
Transaction Monitoring
Explore the tools you can use to intelligently identify and prevent online fraud.
Behavioral Biometrics Service
Learn how behavioral analysis and machine learning stop fraudulent online web activity in real-time.
Secure Consumer Access for:
Digital Threat Protection
Discover how you can gain unparalleled threat visibility and the risk management tools that enable early identification and elimination of potential attacks.
Key Features
Take a deep dive into the features and tools contained within our industry-leading Digital Threat Protection (DTP) solution.


The Appgate SDP Core Deployment Service Package includes direct assistance with the planning, designing, deployment and initial user access configuration of your Appgate SDP system. Once the software is configured, tested and the selected user group has successfully tested their access, the service is considered completed. The system is now ready for wider adoption within production, led by the customer admin.

Want to learn more about the Appgate SDP delivery and deployment? View the Delivery Journey and Deployment Guide.

Appgate SDP Core Deployment Service Package Details

Service Scope What’s Included
Core Deployment Service Agreed High-Level Architectural Design
Deployment of Controllers and Gateways as per the agreed Design and chosen Deployment model Max 4 sites (requires site licenses)
Integration with chosen supported identity provider Up to 4
Integration with chosen supported multi-factor authentication provider Up to 2
Foundation configuration of conditions, policies, and entitlements Up to 10 entitlements, 10 policies
Service covers assistance to enable UAT Up to 25 clients
Device scripts Max 2
Remote admin user interface (UI) walk-through and best practices
Portal deployment and User Acceptance Test (UAT) Configuration Up to 2 policies and 3 entitlements
Term 3 months, subject to extension as set forth in section below

Available Stand-Alone or Add-on Deployment Services
In addition to the Core Deployment Service Package, we offer a variety of other services (which can be purchased as stand-alone services or add-ons to the Core Deployment Service Package) for our customers in production. These services are designed to further optimize your Appgate SDP deployment and identify additional areas of improvement to best meet your overall utilization goals.

Service Scope Scope Comments Terms
Cloud Service Guidance Up to 2 adapter configurations are included.
Walkthrough of Appgate Cloud Service offerings.
Option to enable Appgate Cloud Services.
Service includes configuring up to 3 risk engine rules.
One month as a stand-alone service. If added to core deployment service, term of this service and core deployment service is 4 months.
Connector Configuration Service 2 Express or Advanced resource group configurations Service considered complete when resources behind Connector are reachable One month as a stand-alone service. If added to core deployment service, term of this service and core deployment service is 4 months.
Production Rollout Support Assigned Appgate technical advisor who will provide remote technical sessions and assist in trouble shooting as users are added and Appgate SDP policies configured by customer admin Option available in addition to Appgate SDP Core Deployment Service
  • Minimum 2-hour weekly working session
  • Total of 8 hours/month
Five months as a stand-alone service. If added to core deployment service, term of this service and core deployment service is 8 months.
New Admin Quick Start Service
  • Essentials Training
  • Basic Health Check
  • Operations Review
Option for clients that require fast training for their new Appgate SDP admins 2 months
Best Practices Review Service
  • Architecture Review
  • Basic Health Check
  • Hardening Practice
  • Operations Review
Option for a quick assessment of the SDP Collective current state 2 months
Portal Deployment Service Assistance to successfully connect one Portal Appliance to the Appgate SDP Collective and test users can successfully connect to the resources identified as part of the UAT Service covers assistance to enable UAT with up to 3 Policies and a total 5 test Entitlements 1 month

Customized Professional Services

If the customer requests custom Deployment Services or Professional Services in addition to, or instead of, the standard forms of Implementation Services and pre-defined offerings available, then the customer agrees to execute a separate Statement of Work (SOW) with Appgate and/or Appgate’s partner. This SOW will be provided to the customer by Appgate or Appgate’s partner and will be agreed to by the parties. This is available for new or current customers in need of additional or custom services to help with adoption.

Appgate SDP Deployment and Professional Services Terms

These Deployment and Professional Services Terms govern the purchase, access, and use of any Deployment Services for Appgate SDP.

  Out of Scope:

  • Services do not include any third-party or non-Appgate provided devices, services, or software.
  • Hardware rack and stack or any kind of infrastructure readiness work required for seeding the Appgate appliances.
  • Advanced configurations such as server, automation and/or criteria scripting, as well as internal and external API integrations, are not included in Appgate’s standard service offering.
  • Customer-specific documentation such as LLD and operational playbooks and handover documents are not included in Appgate’s standard service offering.
  • Appgate will not provide a replacement Services team member during planned or unplanned absences that are expected to have a duration of less than two (2) weeks.


  • Except as set forth in a customized SOW or otherwise agreed to in writing, all Services will be performed remotely.
  • Services are provided during Standard Working Hours, unless otherwise agreed. “Standard Working Hours” are (a) for North America, Central America and South America, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET and; (b) Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC), Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CET in all cases excluding Appgate-recognized holidays. 
  • Resource assignment will happen up to 1 week after signed Quote/Statement of Work is received by Appgate.
  • If the deliverables have not been completed within the applicable term due to no fault of Appgate, Appgate reserves the right to re-estimate the work.
  • Customer will provide overall project management, including making required network changes, to fully utilize the Products.
  • Customer will identify and provide all details regarding project use cases and architectural design goals.
  • Customer will provide the necessary infrastructure and technical resources in a timely manner to avoid delays and ensure the effectiveness of the Appgate engagement.
  • Services can only design for and configure the existing, generally available Product capabilities.
  • Customer will manage any necessary change requests and stakeholder involvement.
  • All data entries to benefit from the systems functions will be done by the customer’s own SDP admin.