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Corey O'ConnorApril 10, 2024

What is the ROI of Universal ZTNA? An Analysis to Guide Modern Network Security Investments

Universal ZTNA is rapidly gaining traction as a replacement for legacy security solutions, with numerous real-world use cases demonstrating a proven ROI track record. As you explore ZTNA solutions on the market today, you will undoubtedly have questions such as: What potential implementation challenges should I consider? Are there performance and scale differences between various ZTNA options? What are business and operational ROI advantages of universal ZTNA? To guide your decision-making process, our latest white paper analyzes the pros and cons of direct-routed vs. cloud-routed ZTNA architectures and breaks down direct and indirect ROI.

With remote and hybrid workforces now the organizational standard and attack surfaces growing, legacy network security models are failing to provide adequate secure network access, leaving distributed workforces vulnerable and fueling growing demand for ZTNA. Initially deployed as a remote access alternative that overcomes the risks and limitations of legacy VPNs, organizations are now extending ZTNA to secure access across complex hybrid IT environments.

Universal ZTNA delivers a more robust security posture, with the capability to grant secure access to any authorized user, on any device, from any location, with unified policy enforcement. Universal ZTNA also offers a compelling way to consolidate your security tools, transform and simplify your network, and balance fiscal responsibility—without sacrificing global protection.

Enterprises and federal agencies grappling with the complexities of hybrid IT environments are turning to universal ZTNA to address a wide range of use cases. So how can you be sure a universal ZTNA solution is right for your organization? Your specific secure access needs are likely addressed by one or more of these common use cases driving the widespread adoption of universal ZTNA, including:

  • Full VPN replacement
  • Third-party access
  • Transition traffic off MPLS to the internet
  • Eliminate software-defined wide area network
  • Network access control replacement
  • Zero Trust branch connectivity

Buyer beware: not all ZTNA solutions are built for complex infrastructures

There are a number of reasons organizations are reevaluating their cybersecurity strategies in search of a more powerful secure access solution, especially as headlines report a rash of VPN CVEs for vendors like Ivanti. And ZTNA, with its ability to fortify security posture and adapt to ever-changing IT landscapes, has become the dominant, proven solution of choice.

But the ZTNA landscape itself is dynamic and not all ZTNA solutions are created equally. Organizations facing the demands of complex network topologies need a discerning eye when choosing a ZTNA solution. If you’re looking for a best-in-class solution that can address current secure access needs and adapt to future requirements, you’ll need to consider one that is built on direct-routed architecture and delivers these key functionalities:

  • Identity-centric security
  • Application layer access control
  • Dynamic access policies
  • Adaptive authentication
  • Scalability and high performance

A thorough evaluation of these core universal ZTNA components is essential for any organization seeking a long-term ZTNA solution that can help to navigate the intricacies of hybrid IT and truly deliver on the promise of Zero Trust security.

What’s inside the universal ZTNA ROI Analysis white paper

The white paper covers even more insights on use cases driving universal ZTNA adoption and the critical capabilities ZTNA vendors must address. It was designed to help you determine if universal ZTNA is the best path for your unique security strategy and highlights additional topics such as:

  • Architectural differences between cloud-routed and direct-routed ZTNA
  • Key implementation factors to consider in direct-routed and cloud-routed ZTNA architectures
  • Direct and indirect ROI potential for VPN replacement and full universal ZTNA deployment

Download the white paper, A Return on Investment Analysis of Universal ZTNA, to learn how your organization can unlock business-critical use cases and achieve significant cost savings at scale with a purpose-built universal ZTNA solution. Or register for our upcoming ZTNA Table Talks live learning session, How Universal ZTNA Can Replace or Augment Legacy Security Solutions, scheduled for Tues., May 21, at 11:00 a.m. ET.

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