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Appgate Included in New Tech Report for Zero Trust Network Access by Independent Research Firm

Report provides landscape overview of vendors in the hottest cybersecurity market of the pandemic

MIAMI, FL - April 19, 2021: Appgate, the secure access company, has been named in theNew Tech: Zero Trust Network Access, Q2 2021.” The report, published by Forrester Research, Inc. reviews emerging vendors in the hottest market of the pandemic, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Forrester suggests that security and risk professionals should use this report to understand vendor capabilities within this major market segment and to inform their technology strategies. Appgate was one of nine vendors included in the late stage maturity segment.

Forrester interviewed external subject matter experts for the report in search of the most important and innovative ZTNA solutions. They categorized vendors into maturity groups based on maturity of their ZTNA product, number of years in business and number of employees.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in the past year as organizations struggling with mass remote workforce initiatives found their traditional security tools unable to meet the challenge,” said Barry Field, CEO of Appgate. “In an era where work-from-anywhere is the new reality, organizations first and foremost need to secure all access to all resources, while maintaining user productivity. Appgate SDP enables that control and consistency, so organizations can confidently adapt to change by applying the principles of Zero Trust to their multi-faceted network access strategy.”

Appgate SDP enables a Zero Trust security posture in several critical ways:

  • It verifies identity, device posture and environmental context as a basis for trusted access
  • It makes all resources invisible, unless trusted
  • It stops lateral movement with fine grained micro-segmentation
  • It logs all access activity for greater network visibility and threat intel

“Most enterprises understand the value of Zero Trust but achieving it can be challenging,” said Jason Garbis, SVP of Products at Appgate and co-author of the book, “Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide.” “Implementing Zero Trust is not a one-an-done project, it’s an ongoing journey toward strong, adaptive, and risk-based access controls embedded into the fabric of distributed, agile and hybrid IT. Appgate’s new ebook, “Zero Trust Network Access, Everything You Need to Know,” provides insight into the architectural choices available for ZTNA, along with all of the elements one must consider when selecting and implementing a ZTNA solution.

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