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Greg ShieldsOctober 31, 2022

ZTNA Outpaces VPN as Preferred Remote Access Solution and Advances Other Zero Trust Applications to Drive Universal Adoption

We’ve long said, “Kill the VPN.” And with industry news like Gartner’s latest forecast on worldwide security and risk management spending released this month, it’s readily apparent that organizations are more rapidly ditching insecure VPN technology in favor of proven Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions. But what’s driving ZTNA’s market momentum as a VPN replacement and more?

When it comes to VPN replacement, the answer is quite simple ... ZTNA delivers proven, seamless and easily scalable secure access that beats clunky and complex VPN technology. VPNs continue to fail to provide secure and performant access for work-from-anywhere workforces and distributed workloads scattered across hybrid infrastructures. And they can’t effectively protect against relentless threat actors and increasingly dispersed enterprise attack surfaces created by remote workers, the cloud, IoT devices and more.

ZTNA, in fact, is the fastest-growing network security segment, forecasted by Gartner to grow 36% this year and 31% in 2023. And Gartner “predicts that by 2025, at least 70% of new remote access deployments will be served predominantly by ZTNA as opposed to VPN services, up from less than 10% at the end of 2021.”

And when examining use cases beyond secure remote access and VPN replacement, Gartner published a blog earlier this year introducing universal ZTNA or ZTNA everywhere. As we all deal with the complexities of safeguarding distributed workforces and workloads located everywhere, the question becomes why wouldn’t you apply the proven benefits of ZTNA to secure all user-to-resource and resource-to-resource connections across your full hybrid infrastructure?

Why now?

How we work and from where we work has changed dramatically in just a few short years. And the days of a fixed corporate perimeter with all resources located on servers in a large corporate campus are long gone. Zero Trust Network Access meets the needs of organizations seeking simple, secure and seamless work-from-anywhere user connections to scattered resources and applications needed to do their jobs.

Yes, VPN replacement is often the first use case organizations tackle when deploying ZTNA. But now our customers are broadening that scope to secure all network access, including on-premises, IoT/OT, WAN and campus network to ensure least privilege access enforcement, resource cloaking and microsegmentation across their distributed infrastructures.

So, it’s no surprise to see market growth projections underscore what we already know: universal Zero Trust Network Access has come of age and is being recognized as the scalable way to apply foundational Zero Trust security principles to the full corporate network.

Why Appgate SDP?

Appgate SDP is an industry-leading, enterprise-grade Zero Trust Network Access solution that can be delivered as a service and brings Zero Trust to the cloud. Benefits include:

  • Strengthened security
  • Reduced complexity
  • Improved end-user experience
  • Streamlined automation

Appgate SDP was positioned highest for current offering in the 2021 Forrester ZTNA New Wave. Additionally, in the Nemertes Real Economic Value study, Appgate SDP customers reported a 119% average increase in accelerated digital transformation initiatives, a 9.5 out of 10 rating for “most strategic to Zero Trust” and an average 66% reduction in help desk tickets. We regularly hold an open-to-everyone live demo of the Appgate SDP solution, so come see the benefits first-hand by registering here.

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