Speed up Security. Unleash DevOps.

Maximizing DevOps teams’ productivity is a top priority for Cloud and IaaS users, but it is often impeded by the reactionary pace of security. Provide concurrent and automated Zero Trust access to multiple, disparate environments to unleash DevOps productivity.

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Dynamic Secure DevOps Access, Anywhere

DevOps teams must work across multiple clouds and accounts, without friction or delay, at a cadence and workflow that allows for maximum efficiency. Security teams consistently deploy workloads across development, testing and production environments, but should ensure they don’t impede the speed of work and innovation while securing access. Excessive delays on permissions can make it a challenge for DevOps teams to get the job done.

Appgate’s Software-Defined Perimeter provides seamless access to multiple IaaS providers and accounts without VPN switching or complex cloud-to-cloud connectivity to improve the speed and productivity of your DevOps teams.

Software-Defined Perimeter for Unleashing DevOps Access

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  • Secure consistent access across multi-cloud infrastructures
  • Ensure unauthorized resources are completely invisible
  • Use metadata to automatically provision access
  • Instantly protect new resources when they spin up
  • Eliminate VPN switching with patented multi-tunnel capability

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