Outdated security models built on a trust but verify approach are easily exploited and unnecessarily complex. Zero Trust is a paradigm shift toward a never trust, extensively verify mindset — whether a user is privileged or not.

Zero Trust Access for All Attack Vectors


The network perimeter of organizations is no longer static. It is constantly adjusting with changes in your workforce, infrastructure and devices. With a Zero Trust approach, your network can be dynamic and fluid without compromising security.

Zero Trust Access for Networks:

  • Evaluate identity rather than just IP address
  • Dynamically adjust entitlements and privileges in near real-time
  • Isolate your critical systems with fine-grained micro-segmentation
  • Deploy a secure Café-style network
Zero Trust Network Accessv2


Employees, vendors and contractors all connect to your predominately flat network from everywhere, at all times. Zero Trust access improves authentication and authorization while simplifying policy management across all user populations.

Zero Trust Access for People:

  • Verify identity based on user context, device security posture and risk exposure
  • Only permit access to approved resources and reduce your attack surface
  • Streamline onboarding and improve user experience
  • Simplify policy management and reduce complexity for admins
Zero Trust People Identity 2x


The proliferation of devices connected to your network at any-time introduces risk if un-checked. Zero Trust access ensures risky devices are unable to connect to your network and isolated from critical systems.

Zero Trust Access for Devices:

  • Use device security posture as criteria for access
  • Keep un-manned and hard to patch devices isolated
  • Enhance secure access with endpoint protection data
  • Dynamically adjust entitlements based on risk level
Zero Trust Device Access 2x


Organizations must protect distributed and interconnected legacy, multi-cloud and containerized applications or micro-services. Organizations must also protect workloads consistently and remain agile across all environments. Zero Trust unifies network access to heterogeneous environments and protects them from exploitation and compromise.

Zero Trust Access for Workloads:

  • Prevent lateral movement with the principle of least privilege
  • Automate security to scale with elastic workloads
  • Deploy multi-factor authentication to legacy apps without refactoring
  • Use available metadata to dynamically grant entitlements/auto-provision or de-provision access
Zero Trust Workload Access 2x


Securing and managing data at rest and in transit is essential. Organizations must limit lateral movement and prevent data exfiltration across the infrastructure. Zero Trust solutions must address data security in any IT environment and across all devices.

Zero Trust Access for Data:

  • Mitigate data loss via policy enforcement and device ring-fencing
  • Local, bi-directional firewalls segmenting critical data across any IT environment
  • Granular policies to control access and ingress and egress traffic
  • Segment data via micro-perimeters limiting attack surface
Zero Trust Data 2x

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