Third-Party Secure Access

Partners, vendors and other third parties are key players in the ecosystem of modern organizations. But, their access to your critical systems introduces risk of a data breach. Confidently provision highly granular secure access for third parties with a modern Zero Trust solution.

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Zero Trust for Third-Party Access

Legacy access solutions, like the VPN, have been at the core of data breaches where third-party overprivileged access has led to far reaching financial, reputation and sensitive data losses. These legacy solutions don’t work because they treat all users the same: as an IP address allowed to connect to your network – or not. This all or nothing approach results in over-privileged users.

A Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) is a proven way to provision secure access for third parties without introducing friction or complexity. Appgate SDP is a leading Zero Trust solution that provides granular network and application access only for the resources third-party users need to access. SDP authenticates using context and identity before controlled access is permitted, rendering all other corporate assets invisible to third parties.

Software-Defined Perimeter for Third-Party Access

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  • Unauthorized resources are completely invisible
  • Identity- and context-sensitive access
  • Reduces risk of overprivileged access
  • Integrates with IdP solutions for rapid onboarding
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Managing the Risks of Third-Party Access

Why Old Model Security Solutions Aren’t Stopping Data Breaches

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